My services


    Do you need to translate a text, an audio or a video from one language to another?

    My typical translation work includes finance reports, technical manuals, patents, contracts, websites, medical reports, literary works, musicals, video subtitles and much more. Translations are charged according to the language combination, degree of specialisation, deadline and file format.

    Editing / proofreading

    Do you want to be sure your texts and translations are 100% accurate and well written?

    Editing is the revision of the translation with correction of mistranslations, omissions/additions, as well as language errors in the target language. It is carried out by comparing the target text to the source text. Proofreading is the revision of a text that is performed without reference to the source language (i.e. in case of a translation) to correct typos and similar errors.


    Would you like to have a professional voice-over actor for your videos and audios?

    Voice-over is used for eLearning, audiobooks, advertisements, video games, corporate videos, audio guides, broadcaster​, GPS apps, voicemail greetings, trailers… and so much more! I can help you with everything: producing, directing, recording and delivering high quality material at short notice for both simple AND complex projects.

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