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My services


Do you need to translate a text, an audio or a video from one language to another?

I can help you with financial reports, technical manuals, patents, contracts, websites, literary works, musicals, video subtitling, among others.

Editing and proofreading

Do you want to guarantee that your texts and translations are 100% accurate and well written?

In the editing process, I compare the translation with the original version. Not only will I correct mistranslations, omissions, or additions, but I’ll also ensure that your target text is free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

Proofreading is the monolingual process of checking the spelling and grammar of a text (i.e., without reference to the original text if we are talking about a translation).


Are you looking for a professional voice-over actor for your videos and audios?

Voice-over is used in all kinds of media, such as eLearning, audiobooks, advertisements, video games, corporate videos, audio guides, GPS apps, voicemail greetings, trailers… and so much more!
I can help you throughout the whole process: translating, producing, directing, recording and delivering quality material at short notice, for both simple and complex projects.

Project management

Do you have a large, urgent project or with several languages that I don’t work with? Leave it to me.

Thanks to my established network of trusted colleagues – with different specialisations and language combinations – I can make your life so much easier.

Portuguese and German Courses

Taught by native teachers at our premises or online

Group Classes
The classes have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students.
The courses run in quarterly modules of 20 lessons (90 minutes each), twice a week.

Individual Lessons
In private lessons the syllabus is tailor made, allowing for greater flexibility regarding both the timetable and the themes to be addressed.
Also available as 10 or 30 lessons pack (50 minutes each), for at least twice a week.

Why me?

Why a professional?
“It takes more than having two hands to be a good pianist. It takes more than knowing two languages to be a good translator.” F. G.

A good quality translation service is the sum of:
  • professional language expertise
  • rich cultural knowledge
  • expert technical competence.
Cutting costs means limiting your potential for success and profit. Invest in a professional translator, your brand reputation and the internationalisation of your business!
Why a freelancer?
What can I offer you as a freelancer?

  • Prompt reply: you will usually receive an answer from me within minutes of your contact. The maximum waiting time for an answer will certainly be the same working day (GMT).
  • A reliable, direct relationship: I will be your dependable, single point of contact.
  • No commissions: your money will translate directly into quality.
  • Reliable network: if you need help with other languages and specialties I do not offer, no problem. I will coordinate your project through my network of trustworthy specialists and deliver exactly what you need.
If this sounds like you, then we’d make a good team:
  • You are looking for a long-term partner, rather than a mere service provider.
  • You are looking for a problem-solver you can delegate to and trust 100%.
  • You are looking for a quality service.
  • You understand the value of a professional work.
  • You are willing to invest in all of the above.

About me

My name is Paula Graf. I am from Portugal, with Swiss nationality and Spanish ancestry.

I spent several years living in Germany, Switzerland, England and Brazil, experiences which have given me invaluable multilingual skills and rich cultural knowledge.

I acquired a Bachelor degree in Applied Languages, with emphasis in Portuguese, German and English, and Minor in Advising and Administration. Before that, I studied Sports and Theology.

I have professional experience as a Portuguese, German, English and Spanish translator, voice-over artist as well as a teacher of Portuguese as a foreign language.
Previously, I was a Physical Education, German and English teacher and was responsible for the administrative department of a non-profit organisation.

My professional qualifications and experience are the backbone of my specialisations in business, education, tourism, theology, sports and administration in general.

Portfolio and testimonials

  • She's detail oriented, responsive, and delivered quality work.
    Astrid Chin, Beluga Linguistics, S.L., Spain
  • Excellent!
    Very professional, would definitely count on her again.
    Sublime Subtitling & Translation, Spain
  • Paula did a great job translating my children's book from Portuguese to German. Delivered in time!
    I recommend!
    Jean-Paul Colemonts, Belgium
  • A great Portuguese provider. Definitely willing to work with her again.
    Farah Alshekhli, Arabicized, USA
  • It was a pleasure to work with Paula Graf. On time delivery, great communication and adaptability. Excellent quality translation.
    Thank you Paula.
    Susan Jaap, Bright Translations, Spain

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